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SynexDiet™ Is A Completely New Approach To Fat Loss

SynexDiet™ is the only fat burner on the market that is free of harmful stimulants like ephedra, ma–huang, guarana, and synephrine/bitter orange. SynexDiet™ is the first fat loss product that uses whole herbs and standardized extracts that work together to address the reasons why we gain weight. SynexDiet™ gives you natural energy while it helps you quickly burn off the fat and inches.

SynexDiet™ Is Stimulant Free

SynexDiet™ is stimulant free for a good reason. Proven harmful stimulants like ephedra, ma–huang, guarana, and bitter orange, etc do not burn fat or stimulate your metabolism. What they do is give you a false sense of energy. Recent research indicates that ephedra and the other strong stimulants actually contribute to obesity and Insulin Resistance by increasing hunger and cravings while slowing your metabolism.

SynexDiet™ Is The Answer to Losing Fat and Inches

The key to successful fat loss is to stimulate fat burning, cut appetite and cravings while treating Insulin Resistance by balancing your blood sugar levels to keep the fat producing insulin levels low. Unlike other diet formulas, SynexDiet™ gives you the targeted strength of herbal extracts along with the full spectrum power of whole herbs. SynexDiet™ is the only non-stimulant weight loss product that does it all!

SynexDiet™ Uses Whole Herbs and Standardized Extracts

Unlike other formulas, SynexDiet™ not only contains extracts the way most diet formulas do, it is made from standardized extracts and whole herbs – something totally new in the fat loss supplement market. This means SynexDiet™ gives you the concentrated strength of the extracts in conjunction with the full spectrum power of the whole herb. This is much more than you will ever get with any other diet formula. Think about it, for thousands of years traditional herbalists have been using whole herbs for their therapeutic properties, so why wouldn’t you want to?

The combination of the natural ingredients in SynexDiet™ are revolutionary and have the power to help correct Insulin Resistance and normalize your blood sugar levels. That, combined with its thermogenic and appetite suppressant properties, makes SynexDiet™ your best ticket to fat burning and rapid inch loss.

SynexDiet™ is a unique, all natural stimulant-free herbal diet product that contains a synergistic proprietary blend of high potency whole herbs and standardized extracts of Caralluma, Cha de Bugre, Evodia, Cinnamon, Coleus Forskolin, Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Banaba, Salaretin and Bioperine.

SynexDiet™ Ingredients

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