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Sir. Jonn Desnoes OMD., MD., Ph.D.

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The Longevity Research Foundation, Grand Cayman Is proud to introduce our Managing Director Sir. Jonn Desnoes.

Sir Jonn is a true Renaissance man. He is a 32nd Degree Master Mason, philosopher, physician, author, visionary, and former nationally syndicated radio talk show host. He specializes in Anti-aging, Sports and Complimentary Medicine.

Hailing from royalty on both sides of his family, he is the son of an Austrian Baron, and the grandson of Eugene Desnoes, the co-creator of Jamaica's world famous Red Stripe beer. Jonn is also one of the few remaining direct descendants of "Noah" the Sumerian King who built the "Ark" and survived the great flood described in the bible.

Professionally he has training and degrees in Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychology, Homeopathy and Clinical Nutrition. He received postgraduate training under Dr. Albert Ellis at the Ellis Institute of psychotherapy in New York and Interned at the Tropical Metabolism Research Unit (TMRU) at the University of The West Indies. He also holds Diplomates in Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine.

Sir Jonn served as a consultant on malnutrition in the Third World for the State Department of the United States (USAID) and the Government of Jamaica. As a broadcaster, he hosted a nationally-syndicated radio talk show for 18 years. He has also served as a health and fitness consultant for national television and news programs and as an on air commentator for the ESPN Sports Network. As a writer he has had numerous articles published in popular health, and fitness magazines. His Doctoral dissertation on "Malnutrition in the Third World" was used as a reference text in Medical Schools in the West Indies and Africa.

As a physician, Sir. Jonn has performed extensive research on the anti aging and sports applications of Peptides, natural treatment of Syndrome-X obesity, exercise physiology, psychology, homeopathy, nutrition, Chinese herbal medicine and mold-related illnesses. His pioneering research on the use of amino acids for enhancing athletic performance and his magazine articles on the use of amino acids and other natural substances as steroid alternatives, popularized their use by athletes and as a result of this work, he is credited with giving birth to the current multi-billion dollar sports supplement market.

As an athlete, he has won multiple titles as a competitive bodybuilder and kick boxer. He holds Black Belts in Shotokan Karate, Kwan Duk Kwan Tae Kwan Do, American Karate, Judo and Dim Mak.

Sir Jonn was Knighted for his medical missionary work saving malnourished children in the West Indies . He has also received numerous national and international awards and honors including: the New York State Research Award, the Runyon Award, Outstanding Young Men of America and Who's Who, for his contributions to business, medicine and broadcasting.

Professionally he travels extensively lecturing on Peptides and Anti-Ageing Medicine. His exclusive practice includes professional athletes, show business personalities and celebrities, multi-national corporations, and sports teams.

Recently, Sir Jonn travelled to St Vincent and the Grenadines to continue his medical missionary work, with his friend Major General Joseph Scheinkoenig Director of the Mobile Medical Mission Hospital. In St.Vincent, Sir Jonn worked under the auspices of the MMMH, his friend, Sir Frederic Ballantine M.D.,Govenor General of St Vincent and The Lions Eye Clinic St.Vincent.

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